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CW1200 HW Setup

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This tutorial uses the CW1200_ChipWhisperer-Pro hardware.

  1. Remove the ChipWhisperer-Pro main capture hardware, UFO Board, and SMA cable from the ChipWhisperer-Pro case.
  2. Attached the UFO board to the ChipWhisperer-Pro with the 20-pin cable, and connect the VOUT SMA connector to the MEASURE input.
  3. Power up the ChipWhisperer-Pro with the 5V DC power adapter, and connect the USB cable to the computer.
  4. If this the first time powering up, you will need to install the drivers (see CW1200_ChipWhisperer-Pro).

Cwpro setup.jpg

Note if you have modified the UFO board the jumpers may no longer be at default locations. The jumper settings required are:

Cwpro ufo setup.jpg

  1. XMEGA Target board mounted
  2. J3 routes HS2/OUT to CLKIN
  3. J1 set to "J5-VREF" (right two pins shorted)
  4. J14 set to "FILT" (left two pins shorted)
  5. "3.3V SRC" switch set to "J1/CW"