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CW Release Steps

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This page contains various information regarding the ChipWhisperer release steps. This is not designed for users, but as a note for developers regarding release information.

Release Steps

Pushing to PyPi

To allow users to perform a glorious:

pip install chipwhisperer

We push part of the release to pypi. This partial release only includes the Python software, and not the complete ChipWhisperer repo (with hardware, docs, etc).

We follow a basic tutorial from [1], which includes a fairly basic Important details to note:

  • Adding new modules requires adding them to to ensure they are included

Once a new release is ready, it's a simple case of:

python sdist upload

To push to the real pypi server. This step can only be performed by someone with authentication access to pypi (probably Colin).

See also: [2]

Other Notes

GIT Repo Sync

While the main GIT repo is held on Assembla, a version of it is kept updated on GITHub. This is for convenience of those that prefer GITHub. This documents how the automatic pull/push is done on a local development server (it's quite dumb really) in case we need to duplicate it again:

1. Clone Assembla repo to "/home/someone/somewhere/chipwhisperer"

2. Setup github as a remote with name "github" in that pull

3. Add a script called "" to "/home/someone/somewhere/chipwhisperer" with contents:

 git pull origin master
 git push -u github master

4. Add the following to the .gitignore file, as this file is in the root of the GITHub repo but we don't want to track:

5. Make above executable for user script will run as (ideally this was all setup as someone with low/no privileges since they need no access elsewhere).

6. Use "crontab -e" to add task that runs every 5 mins and runs that script:

 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * cd /home/someone/somewhere/chipwhisperer; ./