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Common Tool Information

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== Loading/Saving the Settings ==
The settings are not saved with the project (we may improve it in the future), but instead, you can use the "Save Settings" option (inside the Project menu) to dump this information to the "settings.cwset" file, inside the project directory. Once saved, the settings can be re-loaded using the load button in the settings tabs (general, scope, traget,...). Another possibility would be to use the Save Button and choose different filenames for each settings profile that you wanto want to use. == Using the Analyzer ==After loading the project, you will need to setup the analysis environment. In the analyzer, the settings tabs are used to automatically generate the analysis script (shown in the "Analysis Script" dock) that is executed when the attack is started. This way, the user can manually edit the code having even more flexibility. This code can also be saved and loaded both through the console (python filename) or the GUI. You can also copy this file to the analyzer/scripts folder so it will appear in the Project->Example Scripts menus in the next time you execute the tool. In the "Analysis Script" dock, the constructor is called automatically every time a new script is generated. It is done because widgets like the waveform viewer should update the trace output of the preprocessing modules when the user modify its settings. The run() method is executed when the start analysis button is pressed. Custom methods can be executed by selecting it in the code and right clicking: a "Run Function" option will show up. The "Attack Script Generator" is the main settings tab. It allows the user to set the preprocessing modules that should be applied over the original traces and the Attack module. The Preprocessing and the Attack tabs will update accordingly. The "Trace Explorer" tab enables a set of helper scripts needed by some of the analysis algorithms (like the POI detection in the Template attack).
== Class Diagram ==

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