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== Hardware Description Page Moved ==This target board is designed to experiment with the MSP430FR5969 (which has hardware AES), and MSP430FR5869 (without hardware AES). The same footprint can be used with both parts - the MSP430FR5869 has the advantage of being easier to export due to a lack of cryptographic modules present.
The device can be programmed with an external programmer using JTAG or SpySee [, or MSP430 NewAE RTFM Page] which is now built from the ChipWhisperer software using the serial BSL (Bootstrap Loader)[https://github. Using BSL requires an entry sequence that can be generated by ChipWhisperercom/newaetech/chipwhisperer-target-Capture hardwarecw308t GIT Repo].
==Build Environment== The examples are designed to be built with GCC for the MSP430 (msp430-elf-gcc). You can download a build of GCC from [ TI's website], although you may also have a build from another location. Downloading from TI will require registering & agreeing to some export control conditions. The following assumes you have installed previous content on this version of GCC. If you want wiki has been moved to use an external programmer, you can also download a [ Command-Line MSP430Flasher program]. === Include File Location === Currently, the provided GCC does not seem to add the MSP430 header files as a default include locationabove link. Instead See wiki history if you must specify the location of these files in the Makefile - on Windows for example this defaults would like to <code>C:\ti\msp430_gcc\include</code> . You will see one view exact older versions of the first lines of the Makefile specifies this path: INC_PATH = C:/ti/msp430_gcc/include/ === Batch File for Building ===When running make, you'll need to have the msp430-gcc files on your system pathpage. Rather than modifying your path, you may wish to make a batch file with the path on it. For Windows you can call this file <code>tigcc.bat</code>, and for example the following shows including both GCC and the flasher program: set PATH=%PATH%;C:\ti\msp430_gcc\bin;C:\ti\MSPFlasher_1.3.10<br> cmdDouble-clicking on this file should give you a command prompt which now has tools like <code>make</code> and <code>msp430-elf-gcc</code> in the path: == Example Projects == == Schematic == == Board Layout ==
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