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Installing ChipWhisperer

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Using VMWare Virtual Machine
{{CollapsibleSection|intro = = Using VMWare Virtual Machine =If this is your first time using the |content= Installing ChipWhisperer toolchain, the easiest way to start is to use a virtual machine with everything already set up for you. # Install the [ Using VMWare Player software] (free). Note that this program is available for Windows and Linux - if you're running a Mac, you're out of luck. # Download a ChipWhisperer virtual machine image release. The current latest release with a VM image is [ v0.11RC1].# Unzip the VMWare image and open the file <code>ChipWhisperer Lubuntu 32-bit.vmdk</code> in VMWare Player. There's an old [ Youtube tutorial] of this setup available online.Virtual Machine}}
= Windows (XP or later) =

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