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Running a Single Capture
The API allows us to ''press the Capture 1'' button and ''view the power trace'' without using the GUI. There are two relevant commands here:
* <code> self.api.capture1()</code> acts as if we've just pressed the ''Capture 1'' button;
* <code> self.api.getScope().datapointschannels[0].getTrace()</code> stores returns a list of datapoints that were recorded in the previous capture.
We want to test these two commands. After the setup portion of your script, add some code similar to the following:
data = self.api.getScope().datapointschannels[0].getTrace()
print data
Run your script. The ChipWhisperer should automatically capture one trace and print out the several thousand datapoints. This is all we need to continue.
== Attacking a Single Letter ==

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