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Manual Communications with the Target
<ol style="list-style-type: decimal;">
<li>Connect your target hardware (ChipWhisperer-Lite /Pro or ChipWhisperer-Capture Rev 2 with target board).</li>
<li>Open the ChipWhisperer-Capture software.</li>
<li>From the ''Example Scripts'', select one which most closely matches your hardware. For example here I'm using a ChipWhisperer-Lite with the XMEGA target, so will select that script. Note I'm ''NOT'' attacking AES, so will need to make some adjustments later. .. image:: /images/tutorials/basic/timingpowerbasic/scriptexample.png</li>
<li>The system should connect to your hardware. Remember you have not yet reprogrammed the target so won't be communicating with the target program.</li>
<li>Using the programming tool (such as XMEGA programming dialog), program the file <code>basic-passwdcheck.hex</code> into the target device. This file is located where you ran <code>make</code> previously.</li>
<li>The system enters an infinite loop for any password entry. Thus you must reset the system, use the ''Programmer Window'' to again perform a ''Check Signature'' or ''Read Signature'' operation.</li>
<li>Enter an incorrect password - notice a different message is printed, and if using the CW-Lite XMEGA target the red LED will come on.</li></ol>
= Recording Power Traces =

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