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Setting up Software for B1

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Communicating from CW-Capture Software
<ol start="9" style="list-style-type: decimal;">
<li>Switch to the ''Scope Settings'' tab.</li>
<li><p>Scroll down to the CLKGEN section, and enter the ''Desired Frequency'' as ''7.37 MHz''. Hit <code>&lt;enter&gt;</code> and you should see the multiply and divide settings change. Be careful of the units - you may need to click just on the numbers and enter that. You can also check the frequency settings using the ''Frequency Counter'' - to use this switch the ''Freq Counter Src'' to be ''CLKGEN''. It should read 7.37 MHz. (<sup>*) </sup>If the red ADC Lock Failed LED light is on you may need to click ''Reset ADC DCM''.</p>
<p>We now need to feed this generated clock to an output pin.</p></li></ol>

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