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Recording Power Traces
<li><p>Change to the ''Target Settings'' tab, and delete the ''Command'' strings. Those strings are used in the AES attack to send a specific command to the target device, for now we will be manually sending data:</p>
<li>Still in the ''Target Settings'' tab, under ''Protocol Version'', change ''Version'' from ''Auto'' to ''1.0''
<li><p>Perform the following actions:</p>
<blockquote><ol style="list-style-type: lower-roman;">
<p>You should notice a distinct change in the password depending how many characters were correct. For example the following shows the difference between passwords of <code>h0px4</code> (which has 4 correct characters) and <code>h0paa</code> (which has 3 correct characters):</p>
= Automatic Resets =

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