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CW-Capture Tool

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#* TIP: check the content of the "Example Scripts" at chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/capture/scripts if you are lost.
# You may want to check if everything is working properly by clicking in the "Capture 1" button and adjusting the above settings if necessary.
# Once it is working as expected, you can set the "Generic Settings"->"Acquisition Settings"->"Number of Traces" option to the desired amount (i.e.g. 50-100) and click the "Capture M" button in the toolbar. This time the traces will be saved to the "Trace Manager" if you specified a "Trace Format".
# In order to view the saved traces, you will have to change the "Result"->"Trace Output Plot"->"Input" from the scope channel to the "Trace Manager". You may also want to change the "X Axis" temporal sequence from Samples to Time.
# You can also import, delete, edit or select/deselect the trace segments by opening the "Trace Manager" in the Project menu.

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