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Setting up Software for B1

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Next, open the CW-Capture software. Then perform the following steps:
# Switch to the ''Python Console'' tab.
The window should change to indicate the connect succeeded:
<ol start="4" style="list-style-type: decimal;">
You'll nice the contents of the script contain the following setup:<syntaxhighlight lang="python" line="1">scope.gain.gain = 45scope.adc.samples = 3000scope.adc.offset = 1250scope.adc.basic_mode = "rising_edge"scope.clock.clkgen_freq = 7370000scope.clock.adc_src = "clkgen_x4"scope.trigger.triggers = "tio4" = "serial_rx" = "serial_tx" = "clkgen"</syntaxhighlight>This configuration block does the following (for lines 1 through 10):
TODO SCRIPTLine 1: Sets the input ADC gain Line 2: Sets the number of samples to record as 3000 samples long (this is normally used for the AES algorithm). Line 3: Sets an offset of 1250 samples from the trigger to when we start recording samples. Line 4: Sets the trigger as being a "rising edge" trigger. Line 5: Sets the internal clock generator to 7.37MHz Line 6: Sets the ADC as running at 4x that clock (so 29.48MHz) Line 7: Sets the trigger pin as GPIO4 (we previously set the trigger condition as rising edge, so this pin will be the one a rising edge is expected on). Line 8: Configures GPIO1 as the RX (Input). This is what the XMEGA target expects. Line 9: Configures GPIO2 as the TX (Output). This is what the XMEGA target expects. Line 10: Sets the "High-Speed 2" (HS2) pin as having the 7.37MHz clock output.
<ol start="14" style="list-style-type: decimal;">
<li><p>Hit the ''Check Signature'' button and confirm the device is detected. If not you may have issues with the clock setup.</p>
<li><p>Using the ''Find'' button, navigate to the <code>simpleserial-base-cw303.hex</code> which you built earlier with the <code>make</code> command. You can then press the ''Erase/Program/Verify'' button, and confirm the file is programmed into the XMEGA device:</p>
<p>Note the programmer dialog not only shows the successful programming status, but also shows when the <code>.hex</code> file was last modified. Always confirm this matches with when you last remember compiling the program -- if it is widely different this suggests you have selected the wrong file!</p>
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