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Tutorial B3-1 Timing Analysis with Power for Password Bypass

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<li>Connect your target hardware (ChipWhisperer-Lite/Pro or ChipWhisperer-Capture Rev 2 with target board).</li>
<li>Open the Start ChipWhisperer-Capture software.</li><li>From Under the ''Example ScriptsPython Console''tab, select one which most closely matches your hardwarefind the ''connect_cwlite_simpleserial. For example here Ipy'm using a ChipWhisperer' script and double-Lite with the XMEGA target, so will select the "ChipWhisperer-Lite: AES SimpleSerial click.</li><li>Check there are no errors on XMEGA" scriptthe connection. Note I</li><li>Under the 'm 'Python Console'NOT'' attacking AEStab, so will need to make some adjustments laterfind the ''setup_cwlite_xmega. (The "Timing Attack on CW-Lite (XMEGA)" py'' script already does most of this for us, so using it would defeat the purpose of this tutorialand double-click.)</li><li>The system Both the Target &amp; Scope should connect switch to your hardware. Remember you have not yet reprogrammed the target so won't 'CON'' and be communicating with the target programgreen circles.</li>
<li>Using the programming tool (such as XMEGA programming dialog), program the file <code>basic-passwdcheck.hex</code> into the target device. This file is located where you ran <code>make</code> previously.</li>
<li><p>Select ''Tools --> Terminal'', and press ''Connect''. You should see a window such as this:</p>
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