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Tutorial B3-1 Timing Analysis with Power for Password Bypass

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Scripting the Setup
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<li>Make a copy of an existing ChipWhisperer script. The example scripts are located at <code>chipwhisperer\software\chipwhisperer\capture\scripts</code>; for example, the default one for the XMEGA device is called <code></code>. Make a copy of this script and put in the same directory (or copy it somewhere memorable.else
<li><p>Rename the script something else - for example, <code></code> - and open it for editing. You'll notice that a large chunk of the code is used to set the parameters:</p>
<li>Close any open ChipWhisperer-Capture windows, and run the script as before. You should connect to the target, and be able to press ''Capture 1'' and see the correct waveform.</li>
== Running a Single Capture ==
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