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Glitching a Password Check
<li>Open the ''Glitch Explorer'', and press ''Capture 1''. You should see the ''Denied'' message come across.</li>
<li><p>In Generate a script to modify the 'offset'Glitch Explorer'', adjust parameter in the glitch generator. You can always dump the following settings:</p><blockquote><ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;"><li>Set scope parameters with ''Tuning Parametersscope'' at the command line in the ChipWhisperer-Capture to 1</li><li><p>Set Parameter 0 options to:</p>{| class="wikitable"! Option! Value|-| Name| Trigger Offset|-| Parameter Path| ['Glitch Module', 'Ext Trigger Offset']|-| Data Format| Int|-| Range| 0 : 200|-| Value| 0|-| Step| 1|-| Repeat| 1|}</li></ol></blockquote>see all the fields.</li>
<li>Set the number of traces on the ''General Settings'' tab to 200.</li>
<li>On the main GUI, in the ''Scope Settings'' tab, ensure that you have the number of repeats on the ''Glitch Module'' set to 1. We will start with a single clock cycle glitched.</li>
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