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Tutorial B11 Breaking RSA

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Finding SPA Leakage
We'll now get into experimenting with the SPA leakage. To do so we'll use the "SPA Setup" script, then make a few modifications.
The basic steps to connect to the ChipWhisperer device are described in [[Tutorial_B1_Building_a_SimpleSerial_Project]]. They are repeated here as well, however see [[Tutorial_B1_Building_a_SimpleSerial_Project]] for pictures & mode details.
<ol style="list-style-type: decimal;">
<li>Start ChipWhisperer-Capture</li>
<li>Under the ''Python Console'' tab, find the '''' script and double-click.</li>
<li>Check there are no errors on the connection.</li>
<li>Under the ''Python Console'' tab, find the '''' script and double-click.</li>
<li>Both the Target &amp; Scope should switch to ''CON'' and be green circles.</li>
The remaining instructions are now specific to the RSA tutorial:
Run the SPA setup script.
If you haven't yet, program the <code>simpleserial-rsa</code> as appropriate. If using the XMEGA target on the ChipWhisperer-Lite/UFO board, this would be called <code>victims/firmware/simpleserial-rsa/simpleserial-rsa-CW303.hex</code>:<br>
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