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Tutorial A9 Bypassing LPC1114 Read Protect

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# Connect pin 1 of UEXT (Vcc) to pin 3 on the CW-Lite
# Connect pin 2 of UEXT (GND) to pin 2 on the CW-Lite
# Connect pin 3 of UEXT (TXD) to pin 8 10 on the CW-Lite# Connect pin 4 of UEXT (RXD) to pin 10 12 on the CW-Lite
# Connect RST to pins 5 (nRST) and 12 (GPIO3) or 14 (GPIO4) on the CW-Lite
Finally, attach an SMA cable between the one you added to the board and the GLITCH connector on the CW-Lite
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