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Tutorial A9 Bypassing LPC1114 Read Protect

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def turn_on(self, scope, target, project):
self.api.setParameter(['CW Extra Settings', 'Target IOn GPIO Mode', 'nRST: GPIO', 'High'])
</syntaxhighlight>Add a method to update the glitch parameters and tell the glitch explorer window about them. In this case, we care about the repeat (will determine how wide the glitch is) and the offset of the glitch from the trigger (how long after resetting the glitch happens). The following method covers a wide range, so you'll probably want to narrow things down a bit. Glitches between 5000 5100 and 6000 5400 with a repeat around 10 (on the board we used, glitching at 5211 with a repeat of 10 produced a lot of successes, while another worked better at 5181/11) seem to bypass the bootloader the best:<syntaxhighlight lang="python">
def update_parameters(self, scope,taret,project):
scope.glitch.ext_offset += 1
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