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Tutorial A9 Bypassing LPC1114 Read Protect

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Communicating with the Bootloader
This read can fail for a variety of reasons, but the one we are most interested in is error 19, which is returned when the read fails due to the device being in RDP mode.
=== Decoding UU Encoded Data ===
[ The UU Encoding Wikipedia page] is a good resource for UU encoding. Python includes functions for decoding UU strings to binary in the binascii module. Documentation can be found [ here]. Note that the bootloader uses '`' for 0 instead of ' ', meaning you need to replace '`' with ' ' in your UU Encoded string before decoding. Also note that the first character of a UU Encoded line is the length of the line. This needs to be at the start of the line when it is passed to the decoding function. For an example, see the script at the bottom of this page.
== Setting up the Glitch ==
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