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Tutorial A9 Bypassing LPC1114 Read Protect

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Decoding UU Encoded Data
=== Decoding UU Encoded Data ===
[ The UU Encoding Wikipedia page] is a good resource for UU encoding. Python includes functions for decoding UU strings to binary in the binascii module. Documentation can be found [ here]. Note that the bootloader uses a tilde backtick ('`') for 0 instead of a space (' '), meaning you need to replace the tildes backticks with spaces in your UU Encoded string before decoding. Also note that the first character of a UU Encoded line is the length of the line+ 32. This needs to be at the start of the line when it is passed to the decoding function. For an example, see the script at the bottom of this page.
== Setting up the Glitch ==
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