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Update reset script
# Delay between arming and resetting, in ms
delay_ms = 10001500
# Reset XMEGA device
Resetter = ResetCW1173(xmegapin=True'pdic', delay_ms=delay_ms)# Reset STM32Fx device#Resetter = ResetCW1173(pin='nrst', delay_ms=delay_ms)
# Reset AVR
#Resetter = ResetCW1173(xmegapin=False'nrst', delay_ms=delay_ms)
# Reset before arming - more stable# avoids possibility of false triggers# need delay in target firmware to avoid race condition#aux_list.register(Resetter.resetThenDelay, "before_trace") # Reset after arming - # scope can catch entire reset#avoids race condition# target reset can cause false triggers (usually not an issue)aux_list.register(Resetter.delayThenReset, "after_arm")
<li>You can edit the values required such as reset time & location by changing the script (using an external editor). But an easier method is to insert it into our attack script itself. As a test we'll see if the default values work. We will later integrate this into a full example script.</li>

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