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CW1173 ChipWhisperer-Lite

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== Quick-Start Guide ==
You can see a [ Video] of the quickstart guide, which will take you through all the setup items discussed here:
# By default the XMEGA device was programmed with a partial AES implementation only. This is done to avoid any crypto export issues. This does not affect your side-channel analysis, but be aware the returned value might not appear to be correct (since only the first couple rounds of AES occurred).
== Basic Usage Instructions ==
|intro = = == AVR Programmer ===
|content= CW1173_ChipWhisperer-Lite/AVR Programmer}}
|intro = = == XMEGA Programmer ===
|content= CW1173_ChipWhisperer-Lite/XMEGA Programmer}}
|intro = = == Using Glitch Port ===
|content= CW1173_ChipWhisperer-Lite/Glitch Port}}
|intro = = == Using Measure Port ===
|content= CW1173_ChipWhisperer-Lite/Measure Port}}
|intro = = == 20-Pin Connector ===
|content= CW1173_ChipWhisperer-Lite/20-Pin Connector}}
|intro = = == 8-Pin SmartCard Connector ===
|content= CW1173_ChipWhisperer-Lite/8-Pin SmartCard Connector}}
|intro = = == Upgrading SAM3U Firmware ===
|content= CW1173_ChipWhisperer-Lite/Upgrading SAM3U Firmware}}
|intro = = == Breaking Target Section Apart ===
|content= CW1173_ChipWhisperer-Lite/Breaking Target Section Apart
== Advanced Usage ==
=== Mounting Jumpers ===
Note the ChipWhisperer-Lite main board and target section contain a number of jumper options. By default these are not mounted, and solder jumper bridges on the PCB have been bridged to select the appropriate options when required. Some options are only solder jumpers, which to move the jumper requires a soldering iron to bridge or clear the appropriate connections.
|intro = == = Schematic ===
[ Link to PDF]

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