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<h2> ==== Setting up the Hardware </h2>====
This tutorial uses the [[CW1002_ChipWhisperer_Capture_Rev2]] hardware along with the [[CW301_Multi-Target]] board. This hardware is the standard setup for all basic tutorials.
==== Setting up the Software ====
It is assumed that you've already followed the guide in [[Installing_ChipWhisperer]]. Thus it is assumed you are able to communicate with the ChipWhisperer Capture Rev2 hardware (or whatever capture hardware you are using). Note in particular you must have configured the FPGA bitstream in the ChipWhisperer-Capture software, all part of the description in the installing guide.
==== Programming the Example ====
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That's it! You've now built a custom application &amp; programmed it into the AVR. We haven't yet verified it's working, which is the next step.
==== Communicating from CW-Capture Software ====
Next, open the CW-Capture software. Then perform the following steps:

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