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Tutorial A1 Synchronization to Communication Lines

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== Tutorial #A1: Synchronization to Communication Lines ==
One of the first requirements of attacking real devices will be to synchronize to communications from the device itself.
=== Using ChipWhisperer-Lite Hardware ===
The ChipWhisperer-Lite does not currently have hardware triggers for I2C/SPI/UART. This is something which may be added in a future firmware release.
Instead, you can use the [[#Using External Hardware Tools]] method.
=== Using ChipWhisperer-Capture Rev2 Hardware ===
The ChipWhisperer-Capture Rev2 includes an arbitrary digital pattern trigger. The ChipWhisperer-Capture software provides an example of using this with a UART data line, to trigger on specific UART data.
<li>The glitch trigger will occur whenever the trigger conditions are met now.</li></ol>
=== Using External Hardware Tools ===
The triggers built into the ChipWhisperer hardware are considerably more basic than those available in normal bench test equipment. This means one of the best methods to achieve advanced triggering is by using standard bench hardware. Examples of suitable hardware are:

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