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Tutorial B5 Breaking AES (Straightforward)

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This tutorial will take you through a complete attack on a software AES implementation. The specific implementation being attacked is a well-known AES implementation written in C, which is likely to be similar to other implementations used by proprietary systems.
== Capturing ==
This tutorial runs on four different hardware targets. You only need to follow the steps for your given hardware.
=== Capturing with ChipWhisperer-Lite/Pro with default XMEGA Target (CW303) ===
WARNING: This video was recorded with API V3.x, some changes happened so please take note.
==== Hardware Setup ====
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==== Capturing the Traces ====
<li>Skip ahead to [[#Analyzing_the_Traces]].</li></ol>
=== Capturing with ChipWhisperer-Lite and UFO Board ===
== Analyzing the Traces ==
=== Opening File & Viewing Traces ===
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=== Running Attack Script ===
In ChipWhisperer V4.0, we now use attack scripts for everything. As in the capture program, switch to the '''Python Console''' tab & find the attack scripts. There may be additional scripts there, but you should find one called "". It has the following contents:
== Next Steps ==
This has only briefly outlined how to perform a CPA attack. You can move onto more advanced tutorials, especially showing you how the actual attack works when performed manually.

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