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Style Guide

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When editing the ChipWhisperer wiki, there is a few things that you have to keep in mind. This page covers many of these things.
== Things not to do Heading Organization ==
* Do not use <code>&lt;h1&gt;</code> tags, this includes the mediawiki syntax <code> = H1 Title = </code> because this should be reserved for the title of the page.
== Things you should do ==
* Use <code>&lt;h2&gt;</code> tags for the main groupings as these will be rendered as the highest level color sections.
<pre>== Title of the highest level colored section ==
Some awesome content of this higher level
== Collapsible Sections ==
* If you plan on including a page as a collapsible section use <code>&lt;h4&gt;</code> This will render a slightly darker colored section that is contained within the larger colored section.
* <code>&lt;h3&gt;</code> is not left out, it is used for the header that is displayed as the collapsible section's header.
=== Related links at the end of the page ===
All tutorials include the tutorials info box at the end of the page using
<pre>== Links ==
=== Alert boxes ===
To add a warning/caution box within you content use <pre>{{Warningbox|Approach this with caution}}</pre>
which will render as:

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