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Added Crypto accelerator details
The ADuCM3029 can run from a core supply voltage between 1.8 and 3.3 volts. By default the core is fed from the 3.3v supply but the adjustable regulator on the CW308T can be used to set any viable core voltage. Sometimes power analysis is more viable at different supply voltages.
== Hardware AES Cryptographic Accelerator ==
As described in the ADuCM3027/3029 Data Sheet<ref></ref>, The SAM4L has cryptographic accelerator is a hardware AES module, with optional countermeasures that can be enabled32-bit APB DMA capable peripheral. These countermeasures There are described two 32-bit buffers provided for data input/output operations. These buffers read in the SAM4L datasheet or read out 128 bits in four data accesses. Big endian and little endian data formats are supported, as are the following optionsmodes:* Electronic code book (ECB) mode—* Type 1: Randomly add one cycle to data processingAES mode (128 and 256)* Type 2: Randomly add one cycle to data processing Counter (other versionCTR)mode* Type 3: Add a random number of clock cycles to data processing, subject to a maximum of 11 clock cycles for key size of 128 bitsCipher block chaining (CBC) mode* Type 4: Add random spurious power consumption during data processingMessage authentication code (MAC) mode Interestingly they can be individually enabled* Cipher block chaining-message authentication code (CCM/disabled. This makes the SAM4L a useful training target for power analysis attacks against various hardware countermeasures.CCM) mode* SHA-256 mode
== Programming ==

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