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Installing ChipWhisperer

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{{Warningbox|These installation instructions are out of date! The new installation instructions can be found at, along with our software documentation.}} This page describes how to install the ChipWhisperer softwarebefore release 5.1.
There are five ways to set up ChipWhisperer:
* '''PyPi Package:''' <code>pip install chipwhisperer</code>. Only includes the software - doesn't come with the hardware source files, drivers, or example firmware.
* '''Git Repository:''' Get the latest, bleeding-edge features and bugs. Recommended if you're an experienced developer and you want to contribute to ChipWhisperer.
'''NOTE TO USERS WITH AN ARM TARGET:''' To build firmware, you'll need the GNU Embedded Toolchain For ARM. Please This is included with the VM. Otherwise please see '''Installing ARM Toolchain''' at the bottom of the page.
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