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|capture hardware = CW-Lite
|Target Device =
|Target Architecture = XMEGA/Arm
|Hardware Crypto = No
|Purchase Hardware =
This advanced tutorial will demonstrate clock glitch attacks using the ChipWhisperer system. This will introduce you to many required features of the ChipWhisperer system when it comes to glitching. This will be built on in later tutorials to generate voltage glitching attacks, or when you wish to attack other targets.
'''If you're working on an STM32F3/CW303 Arm target, it's recommended that you instead skip to [[Tutorial A3 VCC Glitch Attacks]]'''have the latest updates from the develop branch. '''Voltage Recent firmware changes made glitching is possible on Arm targets, but is far more difficult than using voltage glitching, or clock glitching on the XMEGA targetreliable.'''
== Background on Clock Glitching ==
=== Firmware Setup ===
For this example, we'll be using the <code>glitch-simple</code> firmware.
|intro = ==== Building for CWLite with XMEGA Target ====
|content= Building for XMEGA}}
The glitch examples requires you to program the target device. The software to program is located at <code>chipwhisperer\hardware\victims\firmware\glitch-simple</code> of your ChipWhisperer release or GIT clone. As before, create a <code>Makefile.platform</code> and add <code>PLATFORM</code> and <code>CRYPTO_TARGET</code> variables to reflect your hardware. For example:{{CollapsibleSection|intro = ==== Building for CWLite with Arm Target ====|content= Building for Arm}}
<pre>#CWLite STM32 Target{{CollapsibleSectionPLATFORM |intro = ==== Building for Other Targets ==== CW308_STM32F3CRYPTO_TARGET |content= TINYAES128C</pre>Building for Other Targets}}
<pre>#CW Lite AVR Target
PLATFORM = CW303</pre>
You can build the software by running the make command as follows:
You should also open the file <code>glitchsimple.c</code> which is the source code. The subroutine being glitched in this example looks like this:
return 1;
Once the AVR/XMEGA is programmed (see previous tutorials), you may need to setup a few jumpers depending on your hardware.
=== Hardware Setup ===
|intro = ==== CW1173 (Lite) Hardware Setup ====
|content= CWLite HW Setup}}
{{CollapsibleSection|intro ==== XMEGA Target = CW1200 (CW1173 + CW303Pro) Hardware Setup ====|content=CW1200 HW Setup}}
The XMEGA target on the ChipWhisperer-Lite requires no configuration. If you have separated the boards, you can attach them with the 20-pin cable.{{CollapsibleSection|intro = ==== CW308 (UFO) Hardware Setup ====|content= CW308 HW Setup}}
==== Multi-Target Board, AVR (CW301) ====
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