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Automatically Triggering Glitch
<ol style="list-style-type: decimal;">
<li>Switch to the ''Scope Settings'' tab.</li>
<li>Switch the ''ADC Clock Source'' as being ''CLKGEN x4''.</li>
<li>Press ''Reset ADC DCM'', confirm the frequency is 29.5 MHz as expected.</li>
<li>Switch the ''Trigger Setup'' --&gt; ''Mode'' to be ''Rising Edge''</li>
<li>Switch the ''Trigger Setup'' --&gt; ''Total Samples'' to be ''1000''</li>
<li>Switch the ''Gain Setting'' --&gt; ''Setting'' to be ''40''. You might need to adjust this for different hardware.</li>
<li><p>Press ''Capture 1'', confirm some waveform is displayed. For example with the XMEGA Target on the ChipWhisperer-Lite, the waveform looks like this:</p>
* Use manual glitches to try simply glitching past the prompt in <code>glitch3()</code>.
* Completing [[Tutorial A3 VCC Glitch Attacks]], which introduces glitching via voltage instead of the clock.
* Using the ChipWhisperer Python API to make GUI-less scripts. For examples of using scripting, see [[Making Scripts]].
* Download some example source code (bootloaders, login prompts, etc) and port them to the AVR. See how you can glitch past security checks.
* Use one of the IO triggers discussed in [[Tutorial_A1_Synchronization_to_Communication_Lines]].
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