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== Building the Target Firmware ==
The target firmware we'll be using for this tutorial is located in the directory <code>chipwhisperer\hardware\victims\firmware\basic-passwdcheck</code>. Build the firmware using <code>make</code>, once again being careful to ensure you are using the correct <code>PLATFORM{{CollapsibleSection|intro =</code> command. You should end up === Building for CWLite with something like this being printed:XMEGA Target ===|content= Building for XMEGA}}
<pre>Creating Symbol Table: basic-passwdcheck.sym{{CollapsibleSectionavr-nm -n basic-passwdcheck.elf &gt; basic-passwdcheck.sym|intro = === Building for CWLite with Arm Target ===|content= Building for Arm}}
Size after:{{CollapsibleSectionAVR Memory Usage|intro = === Building for Other Targets ===----------------Device: atxmega128d3|content= Building for Other Targets}}
Program: 5400 bytes (3.9% Full)== Hardware Setup =={{CollapsibleSection|intro = === CW1173 (.text + .data + .bootloaderLite)Hardware Setup ===|content= CWLite HW Setup}}
Data: 524 bytes {{CollapsibleSection|intro = === CW1200 (6.4% FullPro)Hardware Setup ===(.data + .bss + .noinit)|content= CW1200 HW Setup}}
|intro = === CW308 (UFO) Hardware Setup ===
|content= CW308 HW Setup}}
Built for platform CW-Lite == Programming the Target =={{CollapsibleSection|intro = === Programming the XMEGATarget ===|content= Programming XMEGA}}
-------- end --------</pre>{{CollapsibleSection|intro = === Programming the STM32F3 (CW303 Arm) Target ===|content= Programming Arm}} {{CollapsibleSection|intro = === Programming Other Targets ===|content= Programming Other}}
== Manual Communications with the Target ==
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