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CW1173 ChipWhisperer-Lite

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Connection Quick-Start
<li><p>To check for a successful installation Run ChipWhisperer-Capture. This can be done from one of three waysIf you're running v5:</p>
<li>Double-click on <code>CWCapture.pyw</code> in the <code>chipwhisperer\software</code> folder. You must have installed Run Python into your path for this to work.</li><li>run <code>python CWCapture.pyw</code> from (either via the <code>chipwhisperer\software</code> folder using a command prompt with Python in the path.</li><li>line or via Jupyter Notebooks), then run <code>python CWCaptureGUIimport chipwhisperer as cw; scope = cw.pyscope()</code> from the <code>chipwhisperer\software\chipwhisperer\capture\ui</code> directory.</li></ul>
<p>The last option is the most reliable, in that it should always work on all platforms. If it doesn't start look for possible missing modules or other useful errors.</pli><blockquote><p>'''hint'''</p><p>The first time you run ChipWhisperer-Capture or -Analyzer, the default setup of the screen is somewhat insane. You can drag windows around or close them to make it look more like the demos here. See the Video quickstart guide as well for details of that.</pul></blockquote></blockquote></li><li><p>From the &quot;Scripts&quot; directory, run the <code>ChipWhisperer-Lite: AES SimpleSerial on XMEGA</code> script:</p><p>[[File:cwlite_simpleserial.png|image]]</p><p>This should connect to the ChipWhisperer-Lite, program the FPGA, and run a few captures. Your screen You should look something like this now:</p><p>[[File:Step Connection Quick Start 05 02.PNG|1000px|image]]</p></li><li><p>If the previous step fails, you may need be all ready to set start following the path for the &quot;firmware&quot;tutorials. This is done by going to the &quot;Tools&quot; menu and selecting the &quot;Config CW Firmware&quot; option. Note on MAC OS X a special command is required instead sometimes, see [[MacOSX_Installation]].</p><p>From there, hit the &quot;FIND&quot; button beside the &quot;FPGA .zip (Release)&quot; option. Point it to the file located at <code>chipwhisperer/hardware/capture/chipwhisperer-lite/</code> on your filesystem.</p></li><li>Your ChipWhisperer-Lite is now connected. See the next section for details of the demo attack.</li></ol>
== Capture and Attack Quickstart ==
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