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{{Infobox cw308target|name = CW308T-CC2538|image = CC2538_Wiki.PNG|caption Page Moved = |Target Device = CC2538|Target Architecture = ARM|Hardware Crypto = Yes|Purchase Hardware =
|Supported Applications =}}See [ NewAE RTFM Page] which is now built from the [ GIT Repo].
The CC2538 target uses the CC2538SF53 from TI. == Building Chipwhisperer Programs == The regular firmware build process will work once the updated build system is released, utilizing a HAL module. Firmware for the device was pulled from the CC2538 Foundation Firmware, while the code to provide startup instructions and memory mapping was pulled and modified from the STM32F2 HAL. Once released, it will build with all of the SimpleSerial projects. To build: <code>make PLATFORM=CW308_CC2538 CRYPTO_TARGET=TINYAES128C</code> Assuming the build works, the file size and platform will be printed. == Programming == An external programmer is needed for previous content on this target. It wiki has currently only been tested with moved to the TMS320-XDS100v3+ JTAG debugger through TI's Code Composer Studio v7 (CCS)above link. To upload through CCS, create a new CCS project. There, select the CC2538SF53 as the target. To make your search easier, CC2538SF53 is a SimpleLink Wireless MCU. For Connection, select Texas Instruments XDS100v3 USB Debug Probe. Pick any unused project name and hit Finish. [[File:CCS New Project.PNG|400px]] Next, go to Run->Debug Configurations. Right click "Code Composer Studio - Device Debugging" and hit "New". [[File:CCS Debug New.png]] Under Main, click "Use default target configuration". Next, go to program, hit "File System", and navigate to your binary. If See wiki history if you built using Chipwhisperer's build system, you want the .elf file from this process. Hit "Apply", then "Debug". If the target does not connect, go would like to Run->Connect Target. Finally, go to Run->Resume to start the program. Closing CCS should leave the program running on the CC2538. [[File:CCS Debug Main Opt.PNG]]  == Schematic == See GIT Repo for PDF view exact older versions of schematic. [[File:CW308T-CC2538-01_schematic_Page_1.png|1000px]] [[File:CW308T-CC2538-01_schematic_Page_2.png|1000px]]   == Board Layout == See GIT Repo for gerber filesthis page== Hardware == {{Template:Hardware}}[[Category:CW308 Targets]]
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