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{{Infobox cw308target|name = CW308T-ADUCM3029|image = CW308T_ADuCM3029.PNG|caption Page Moved = |Target Device = ADuCM3029|Target Architecture = |Hardware Crypto = Yes|Purchase Hardware = |Design Files = |Supported Applications = |Status = In Developement}}
This board supports the Analog Devices ADuCM3029 microcontrollerSee [https://rtfm. The mounted chip NewAE RTFM Page] which is now built from the ADUCM3029BCPZ[ GIT Repo].
== Power Supply == The ADuCM3029 can run from a core supply voltage between 1.8 and 3.3 volts. By default the core is fed from the 3.3v supply but the adjustable regulator previous content on the CW308T can be used this wiki has been moved to set any viable core voltage. Sometimes power analysis is more viable at different supply voltages. == Cryptographic Accelerator == As described in the ADuCM3027/3029 Data Sheet<ref>http://wwwabove</ref>, The cryptographic accelerator is a 32-bit APB DMA capable peripheral. There are two 32-bit buffers provided for data input/output operations. These buffers read in or read out 128 bits in four data accesses. Big endian and little endian data formats are supported, as are the following modes:* Electronic code book (ECB) mode—* AES mode (128 and 256)* Counter (CTR) mode* Cipher block chaining (CBC) mode* Message authentication code (MAC) mode* Cipher block chaining-message authentication code (CCM/CCM) mode* SHA-256 mode == Programming == The ADuCM3029 supports a serial bootloader which is enabled by pulling down the PDIC pin on the CW308T. Details for using the serial bootloader can be found in the application note EE-381<ref></ref>. Single wire debug (SWD) is also supported for programming and debugging. == Schematic and Layout == See GIT Repo for design fileswiki history if you would like to view exact older versions of this page== Hardware == {{Template:Hardware}}[[Category:CW308 Targets]]
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