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CW502 Low Noise Amplifier

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The LNA provides a simple amplifier for connecting equipment such as the H-Probe to the ChipWhisperer, or other devices such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers. As the inputs are AC-coupled, it can also be used to amplify the signal from a resistive shunt for connection to a regular oscilloscope.== Page Moved ==
[[File:lna-top.jpg|image]] [[File:lna-bot.jpg|image]] == Power == The LNA requires a power supply of between 3.0 - 3.6V. This is supplied by the CW503 Probe Power Supply box, although you can also use a lab power supply or other source. == Typical Performance == The LNA is based on the BGA2801 device from NXP. See details in the [http BGA 2801 DatasheetNewAE RTFM Page]. But a summary of important specifications are: * 20 dB gain up The previous content on this wiki has been moved to 2GHzthe above link.* Typical 4 dB NF.* 2 dBm maximum power output at 1 dB compression point. The following shows an example See wiki history if you would like to view exact older versions of S21 and S11 parameters for the LNA: [[File:lna_gainthis page.png|image]] == Schematic == [[File:Cw502_schematic.png|image]] == Hardware =={{Template:Hardware}}
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