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CW505 Planar H-Field Probe

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[[File:CW505.jpg]]== Page Moved ==
== Usage == The H-Probe can be mated with the LNA for the best performance. This is shown below: [See [Filehttps:hprobe_lna//rtfm.jpg| NewAE RTFM Page]] If using the H-Probe for SCA, you will need . The previous content on this wiki has been moved to place the probe on top of your target chipabove link. For example see the following location used See wiki history if you would like to attacked the XMEGA: [[File:hprobe_xmega.jpg|400px]] For more details, see the [[H Probe Usage]] tip which includes a video with details. == Design == The following shows all layers view exact older versions of the H-Field probe: [[File:layers_allthis page.png]] The following shows each individual layer: Layer 1: [[File:layer1.png]] Layer 2: [[File:layer2.png]] Layer 3: [[File:layer3.png]] Layer 4: [[File:layer4.png]] == Hardware == {{Template:Hardware}}
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