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Tutorial B6 Breaking AES (Manual CPA Attack)

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Performing the Guess: Minor fixes
Note that in Python we can specify hex constants directly! Now the system will only be searching from 0x26 - 0x2F for the correct key. Once we have a guess, we need to calculate the intermediate value corresponding to the guess.
Looking way back to how AES works, remember we are effectively attempint attemping to target the position at the bottom of this figure:
<blockquote>[[File:Sbox_cpa_detail.png|frame|none|alt=|caption The AES algorithm involves a number of rounds, this is a detail from the first round of operation. Each input byte is XOR'd with a byte of the (unknown) secret key. This is passed through an S-Box, which is simply a look-up table. The output of this S-Box is what we'll use to 'check' our guessed value of the key.]]
The objective is thus to determine the output of the SBoxS-Box, where the S-Box is defined as follows:

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