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Main authors:

  • Colin O’Flynn

Thanks to source contributions by:

  • Adriel Ziesemer Junior
  • Greg d'Eon
  • Tobias Schneider

Additional Thanks to:

  • Akashi Satoh for Donation of the SAKURA-G
  • Akashi Satoh & Pankaj Rohatgi (Cryptography Research Inc) for Donation of SASEBO-GII and SASEBO-W, which were the initial inspiration for this entire project!
  • Dr. Zhizhang Chen, who is Colin O'Flynn's PhD supervisor and supported much of this work.


ChipWhisperer® is built on or otherwise uses a number of open-source projects. Many thanks are given to the following projects, which may also have additional license restrictions or information:

  • Python
  • PySide
  • PyQtGraph
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • PyUSB
  • LUFA USB Library
  • libusb-1.0
  • WinAVR

Some projects may be missing from the above list - please let us know, any omission is a mistake!


ChipWhisperer is a registered trademark of NewAE Technology Inc., in the U.S and Europe. Listen to Your Inner Hardware is a Trademarks of NewAE Technology Inc.