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CW303 XMEGA Target/Programming

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Programming the XMEGA

To program the device you need to have completed the Communication, and the Compiling sections. The firmware source files can be found in their directories under the chipwhisperer/hardware/victims/firmware/ directory.

Using GUI Tools

  1. From the Tools menu item select CW-Lite XMEGA Programmer

    Tools menu XMEGA programmer.png

  2. The Find button is used to choose the firmware file (.hex) to flash onto the device

    The Check Signature button resets the device and asks for its signature, this is printed to the screen

    The Erase/Program/Verify FLASH button erases, programs the device and then verifies the programmed firmware.

    XMEGA programmer.png

Python Scripting

Anything surrounded by < and > is user and project specific and needs to be changed.

from chipwhisperer.capture.api.programmers import XMEGAProgrammer

programmer = XMEGAProgrammer()
programmer.scope = scope
programmer._logging = None
programmer.program("<path to xmega firmware .hex file>", memtype="flash", verify=True)