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Target Device Atmel SAM4L
Target Architecture ARM Cortex M4
Hardware Crypto Yes
Design Files

GITHub Link

Supported Apps Simple Serial Enc/Auth
Status Released

This board supports the Atmel SAM4L microcontroller. The default build has the Atmel ATSAM4LC2AA-AU, which has 128KB flash and 32KB SRAM.

Power Supply

The Atmel SAM4L has an internal 1.8V regulator. This regulator is not used in the board, instead power for the core is supplied by an external LDO on the UFO board. Be sure to enable the 1.8V and 3.3V regulators on the UFO board for the SAM4L board to function.

Hardware AES

The SAM4L has a hardware AES module, with optional countermeasures that can be enabled. These countermeasures are described in the SAM4L datasheet as the following options:

  • Type 1: Randomly add one cycle to data processing
  • Type 2: Randomly add one cycle to data processing (other version)
  • Type 3: Add a random number of clock cycles to data processing, subject to a maximum of 11 clock cycles for key size of 128 bits
  • Type 4: Add random spurious power consumption during data processing

Interestingly they can be individually enabled/disabled. This makes the SAM4L a useful training target for power analysis attacks against various hardware countermeasures.


An external programmer is needed for this target. The SAM4L has an internal bootloader you can use via an external serial port, which is not yet supported directly by the ChipWhisperer-Capture software.


See GIT Repo for PDF of schematic.

Board Layout

See GIT Repo for gerber files.