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Hardware Description

This target board is designed to experiment with the MSP430FR5969 (which has hardware AES), and MSP430FR5869 (without hardware AES). The same footprint can be used with both parts - the MSP430FR5869 has the advantage of being easier to export due to a lack of cryptographic modules present.

The device can be programmed with an external programmer using JTAG or Spy-Bi-Wire, or from the ChipWhisperer software using the serial BSL (Bootstrap Loader). Using BSL requires an entry sequence that can be generated by ChipWhisperer-Capture hardware.

Build Environment

The examples are designed to be built with GCC for the MSP430 (msp430-elf-gcc). You can download a build of GCC from TI's website, although you may also have a build from another location. Downloading from TI will require registering & agreeing to some export control conditions. The following assumes you have installed this version of GCC.

If you want to use an external programmer, you can also download a Command-Line MSP430Flasher program.

Include File Location

Currently, the provided GCC does not seem to add the MSP430 header files as a default include location. Instead you must specify the location of these files in the Makefile - on Windows for example this defaults to C:\ti\msp430_gcc\include . You will see one of the first lines of the Makefile specifies this path:

INC_PATH = C:/ti/msp430_gcc/include/

Batch File for Building

When running make, you'll need to have the msp430-gcc files on your system path. Rather than modifying your path, you may wish to make a batch file with the path on it. For Windows you can call this file tigcc.bat, and for example the following shows including both GCC and the flasher program:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\ti\msp430_gcc\bin;C:\ti\MSPFlasher_1.3.10

Double-clicking on this file should give you a command prompt which now has tools like make and msp430-elf-gcc in the path: Msp430 cmd make.png

Example Projects


Board Layout