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Embedded Attacks

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This is a landing page for a couple of different things. It shows some of the attacks and projects that are possible through side channel analysis, including some examples that have been done with the ChipWhisperer.


Note that ChipWhisperer isn't the only side-channel analysis project out there! You'd be a fool for not checking out these other great projects:

  • Side Channel Marvels Includes a number of tools. This includes a higher-order CPA tool (which supports distributed use). The binary format used by the higher-order CPA tool can be exported from ChipWhisperer traces (see File Format page).
  • OpenSCA is a MATLAB tool-box full of SCA goodies & examples. Again you can export ChipWhisperer traces to this format.
  • DPAContest isn't strictly a project per-say, but it includes a lot of useful examples of attacks, capture tools, etc. Again a great resource.

General Embedded Attacks (Side-Channel & Others)

IEEE 802.15.4 Radio Attacks

AES Bootloader Attack

TI ChipCon SRAM Dump

Example Attacks with ChipWhisperer

These links aren't exactly tutorials - they're examples of what can be done using the ChipWhisperer. However, it should be possible to reproduce most of these results with the ChipWhisperer hardware given a bit of time and creativity.

Atmel XMEGA Hardware AES Attack

Atmel ATmega128RFA1 Hardware AES Attack

TI CC2530 Hardware AES Attack

Attacking TEA with CPA

Investigating Block Cipher Modes with DPA

AES-CCM Attack

Other Project Ideas

These are examples that didn't get completed. They might make fun projects if you're looking for new ways to use your ChipWhisperer.

Profiling Attacks with Neural Networks