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CW1173 ChipWhisperer-Lite

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<p>This should connect to the ChipWhisperer-Lite, program the FPGA, and run a few captures. Your screen should look something like this now:</p>
<p>[[File:cwdemo_normalStep Connection Quick Start 05 02.pngPNG|1000px|image]]</p></li>
<li><p>If the previous step fails, you may need to set the path for the &quot;firmware&quot;. This is done by going to the &quot;Tools&quot; menu and selecting the &quot;Config CW Firmware&quot; option. Note on MAC OS X a special command is required instead sometimes, see [[MacOSX_Installation]].</p>
<p>From there, hit the &quot;FIND&quot; button beside the &quot;FPGA .zip (Release)&quot; option. Point it to the file located at <code>chipwhisperer/hardware/capture/chipwhisperer-lite/</code> on your filesystem.</p></li>

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