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Making Scripts

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Scripting with ChipWhisperer as python module
{{Warningbox|For the older V3.x tools, see [[V3:Making_Scripts]]}}
== Scripting with ChipWhisperer as a python module ==
When used without the GUI, the 4.0 API removes much of the high level abstractions so you can have more control over the capture process. It also answers questions like--when I capture a trace in what order are things happening? The following example scripts will give you a starting point when scripting with the ChipWhisperer tool.
=== Perform Some Traces during AES encryption and get the results as Numpy array ===
This script is an example of using the <code>chipwhisperer</code> module for capturing traces during AES encryption. <b>Make sure to have the correct firmware loaded on the target.</b>
<syntaxhighlight lang=python>

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