Tutorial A3 VCC Glitch Attacks

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In addition the VCC glitcher board must be mounted, which means removing the jumpers on the 6-pin header around the AVR. Also the 'IN' pin on the VCC glitcher board connected to the FPGAOUT pin. This is done via a jumper wire. Both of these are shown in the following figure:
<blockquote>[[File:vccglitcher_routing.jpg|frame|none|alt=|caption The control line for the VCC glitcher board comes from the FPGAOUT pin.]]
[[File:vccglitcher_mounted.jpg|frame|none|alt=|caption The VCC glitcher board must be mounted with <code>GND</code> at the bottom matching, exactly as shown here.]]
== Setting up Glitch Example ==
<li><p>Check the box marked ''HS-Glitch Out Enable (Low Power)'':</p>
<li><p>For the ChipWhisperer-Capture Rev 2 (CW1002):</p>