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Tutorial B7 Profiling Attacks (with HW Assumption)

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Generating the Template
<li>From the ''File --&gt; Open Project'' option, navigate to the <code>tut_randkey_randplain.cwp</code> file you save previously. Open this file, ensure it is the file corresponding with the '''randomly changing encryption key'''!</li>
<li>Open the ''Trace Explorer'' tab and Enable it.</li>
<li><p>Change the "Comparison Mode" to "Sum of Absolute Difference" and , the ''Partition Mode'' to ''HW AES Intermediate'', and select the ''Auto-Save Data to Project'' option:</p>
<li><p>Hit the ''Display'' button, and then select ''All On''. This displays the differences between the various groups of Hamming Weight (HW) values:</p>

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