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Style Guide

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When editing the ChipWhisperer wiki, there is a few things that you have to keep in mind. This page covers many of these things.

Things not to do

  • Do not use <h1> tags, this includes the mediawiki syntax = H1 Title = because this should be reserved for the title of the page.

Things you should do

  • Use <h2> tags for the main groupings as these will be rendered as the highest level color sections.
== Title of the highest level colored section ==
Some awesome content of this higher level
  • If you plan on including a page as a collapsible section use <h4> This will render a slightly darker colored section that is contained within the larger colored section.
  • <h3> is not left out, it is used for the header that is displayed as the collapsible section's header.

Related links at the end of the page

All tutorials include the tutorials info box at the end of the page using

== Links ==

All target pages include the target info box at the end of the page using

== Hardware ==

Alert boxes

To add a warning/caution box within you content use
{{Warningbox|Approach this with caution}}

which will render as:

Approach this with caution

A green/info box is also available, to add this use
{{Greenbox|A quick note for something that is important to read/do}}

this will render as:

A quick note for something that is important to read/do