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Target Firmware Build System

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The build system for the "victim" target firmware is related to all files in the folder chipwhisperer/hardware/victims/firmware. This page describes how the build system works.

Note there is two build systems - Release 3.3.0 and later use the newer build system. The old build system is described later, and should not be used for current development.

The build system generally has the following important folders/Makefiles:

application-specific-folder/Makefile.platform [OPTIONAL]

To build an application, you run make in that application's folder. You can either specify the platform to build for at the command prompt, or you can save it to a specific file. For example to build simpleserial-aes for the XMEGA Target (used in CW-Lite):

$ cd chipwhisperer/hardware/victims/firmware/simpleserial-aes
$ make PLATFORM=CW303

Old Build System

The old build system could only work with AVR/XMEGA targets. It had the following files defining what was built:


Where the application Makefile (e.g., simpleserial-aes/Makefile) described both the build commands to use and what files to build. The was only used to pull in hardware-specific files (the HAL).