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Tutorial CW305-1 Building a Project

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The CW305 target is an FPGA target board for use with the ChipWhisperer capture hardware. This board lets you test side channel analysis techniques on an Artix-7 FPGA. With this setup, a different toolchain is required: we won't be building C firmware with a makefile. This tutorial walks through the various steps required to run an AES-128 example on the CW305 target.

Target Firmware

In the ChipWhisperer examples, the Artix-7 FPGA is programmed using Verilog. This section describes how to open and build one of these projects. It also describes the layout of the AES-128 example, which is a good starting point for making new FPGA projects.

Opening the Project

FPGA Code Layout

Building the Project

Hardware Connections

- USB for configuring target - 20 pin header - Measurement (LNA output)

Capture Setup

- Example script - Upload bitstream - Sample captures