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This is a BETA target and not yet available. This wiki page will continue to be updated until release. Gerbers are available in the GIT repo if you live dangerously.

Spartan6 target.jpg


The ChipWhisperer will eventually support programming this target. Until then, you will need an external programmer. This is connected via JTAG to the pin headers:

Xilinx jtag small.jpg

You can purchase clone JTAG programmers off AliExpress/E-Bay for low cost (search 'Xilinx JTAG').


NOTE: Schematic is marked as unapproved until hardware has been fully validated.

See GIT Repo for PDF of schematic.

CW308T S6LX9 Schematic Page 1.png

CW308T S6LX9 Schematic Page 2.png

CW308T S6LX9 Schematic Page 3.png