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{{Infobox cw308target|name = CW308T-EFM32TG11|image = [[File:CW308T_EFM32TG11.PNG|400px]]|caption Page Moved = |Target Device = Silicon Labs EFM32TG11|Target Architecture = |Hardware Crypto = Yes|Purchase Hardware = |Design Files =|Supported Applications = |Status = In Developement}}
This board supports the Silicon Labs EFM32 Tiny Gecko 11 microcontrollerSee [https://rtfm. The chip mounted on the target board NewAE RTFM Page] which is now built from the EMF32TG11B3[ GIT Repo].
== Power Supply == The core of the Tiny Gecko chip runs from a 1.2v supply. This is supplied and filtered through the CW308T. The I/O buses are supplied with 3.3v.== Security Features == The Tiny Gecko family of microcontrollers implements many security features including: * Hardware implementations of AES-128/256, SHA-224/256 * Hardware CRC engine * Access control for peripherals  For a full list of security features see the product family data sheet<ref></ref> == Programming ==A serial bootloader is implemented previous content on this wiki has been moved to the Tiny Gecko series of chipsabove link. Details for the use See wiki history if you would like to view exact older versions of this feature are described in Silicon Labs application note AN0042<ref></ref>. == Schematic and Layout == See GIT Repo for design filespage== Hardware == {{Template:Hardware}}[[Category:CW308 Targets]]
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